Monday, December 30, 2013

Merry Christmas

Man!!!  It sounds like everyone had an AWESOME Christmas!!  Not surprised at all though.  Christmas is always great, eh??  As you know (since we talked of course) Christmas was great here as well!  Since we didn't talk lots of details, here's a little bit more of how my week went:)

Tuesday, we had our branch Christmas party.  We planned it all and it actually turned out really awesome!  We had dinner consisting of kimbop, pizza, kimchi, rice cakes, bread (we made banana bread and brownies) and a few other random things.  (It was a pot luck haha)  We then had a program.  The relief society president read some poetry she had written, our potential investigator/semi-active non-member read a poem and then sang "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" with actions and all.  The four of us missionaries sang the song we did with our whole mission (did you see it on YouTube?  I'll forward you the link) and then we did a skit with the youth and sang a medly of "Jesus Once of Humble Birth/Silent Night" (I sang the piano.)  The members loved it.  We had a good amount of investigators and less actives there too which was awesome of course!  When we were together that night, it finally started feeling like Christmas here!!  Then we went home and got our stockings ready and put all the presents under the tree, read Luke 2 and went to sleep (while dreams of sugarplums danced in our heads).

Wednesday morning, we woke up and opened presents (which was AWESOME!  LOVE YOU!!!  THANK YOU!!) and then made breakfast (blueberry muffins from a mix you sent, bacon from our package from the branch, milk chocolate milk) and got ready to go to the church to Skype! Then I Skyped y'all (!!!!) and then we went to lunch at an Italian place with one of the members and his friend, who is the elder's investigators, whose computer we used to skype.  Then we went to the Stake Christmas music meeting.  After that, we did exchanges.  We had a few minutes for dinner though and were with the elders and a few of the young men.  One of them  had NEVER been to McDonalds so we defs took a trip there so he could get his first BigMac on Christmas hahaha.  He thought it was pretty good, of course!

Thursday, we had exchanges.  We took a card to a less active, jundoed a bit, and then made the hour and a half trip back to switch back.  Then came back home and the day was over!

Friday, we cleaned up the church and planned for a bit.  Friday night, we taught our two investigators who are sisters.  A few weeks ago, they didn't know ANYTHING about Jesus Christ.  So we did English for a bit, and then we gave them copies of the Book of Mormon that we had written them a letter and our testimonies in.  They were really excited about it, and started flipping through immediately.  We explained a bit more about it, and then asked them to read Moroni 10 for next time.  We smoothly (blessing) transitioned into how it talks about Christ and how all of this is part of Heavenly Father's plan for us, so that we can teach Plan of Salvation next week!!  The older one prayed at the end, and the spirit was SO strong.  It was AWESOME!

Saturday, we jundoed, got a plan together to visit less actives, made some new years cards to mail (since lots live too far away to realisticly visit) and contacted old contacts and investigators.  Oh! When we jundoed, we weren't having much luck, so after we had been out for a while, it was time for dinner.  So, we followed my stomach (to Korean food of course. My companion laughs at me because I like it more than she does) and met a Chinese lady (either there's a ton here, or we just attract them all) who started talking to us about English!!  We are hoping to meet with her this week!

Sunday, we had church.  During Sunday School, all of the members bore their testimonies and thanked someone else in the branch for something over the past year.  It was really great!  I really love this branch.  They are wonderful!!   We also taught one of our investigators

So overall, it has obviously been an awesome week!!  It went by super quick, probably because of the excitement of Christmas!!

Haha funny story.  We were deciding what to make for lunch the other day and I said "Ah I just want a turkey sandwich."  But you can't get turkey here.  So Sister Sung's response was "Who needs turkey when you've got dog?!"  Hahahaha I am teaching her sarcasm very well!!  (Koreans don't usually know how to use it)

This week, I have thought a lot about being more Christlike.  I feel like this transfer, I have been kind of selfish and studied for myself a lot.  I have learned a lot, but really want to re-focus on other people.  I had the impression come to me that we need to make more of our lives a part of the lives of our investigators, members, and less actives.  When Jesus Christ was on the earth, his learning, ministry, and service was not seperate from the people but instead it was a part of them.  He was on the streets, where people lived their daily lives, teaching and serving them.  He was feeding the five thousand, raising people form the dead, healing the blind and curing the lepers.  All things that immensely effected people in their daily lives.  I am trying to recommit to follow this pattern.  I want to visit more of our people.  Call them and see how their day went, or text them a scripture we liked.  This is the way I know that people will come closer to Christ and we will see miracles!

Ah!  I love being a missionary! So many great things are happening here and we are seeing so many blessings!


.  She is having a really hard time understanding the Book of Mormon, so we read it with her and tried to explain it.  We told her we would text/call her throughout the week to try to explain more, and emphasized how when we pray when we read, we receive the Lord's help to understand.  Then after church, we jundoed for a bit, using a survey for English class and got like 9 contacts, and then walked home from shinae (downtown) which took like an hour and a half.  I was realy grumpy until we got home and I got some food in my stomach haha.  Pretty funny.