Wednesday, February 20, 2013

And Then There Were Two...

Two weeks!  TWO!!  I thought three was scary, but two seems even more real!  We have had to discuss starting to pack, most of my farewell talk is written, and almost all the shopping is done!  The never ending issue of what shoes to wear, and what bag to take has not yet been solved, but hopefully that's figured out in the next few days!  I have had a few breakdowns lately, and am kind of terrified to go and learn the language, and live in a new place, however when I remind myself that I am doing this to serve the Lord, it helps calm my fears.  I read in Doctrine and Covenants 6 last night after my mom suggested to do so.  While the whole chapter continued to remind me of why I originally decided to serve, verse 36, which reads "Look unto me in every thought; doubt not, fear not.", really helped comfort me.  While I have gone through various trials in my life that I have prayed about, nothing will compare to how much I have to trust in the Lord while I am on my mission.  I'm sure I will not be able to understand people for the first few months, and miss my family, and friends, like crazy.  As I pray to Heavenly Father, I know I will feel the same peace that I do now, and remember how much I love the work that I am doing!  As I continue to talk to different people, I keep hearing great things about Korea, and get great feedback and advice about missions, and the positive experiences people have had.  I still get a little anxiety every time I think about all the stuff I still need to do, but I just need to focus on little things at a time, and continue to get excited for the adventure I'm about to have!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Three Weeks

Well, I am officially down to 3 weeks as  of TOMORROW!!!  This is so crazy!!  Carol and I spent the morning shopping and were quite successful, even though there is still a long list of random stuff to get.  We met with the former mission presidents of the Busan mission on Sunday (Ken and Cathy Jennings-parents of Jeopardy champ Ken Jennings-just a little claim to fame there).  I learned exciting things like I will spend most of my nights sleeping on the floor, I can ship my luggage and belongings from place to place during transfers, and the Korean people are VERY ethnocentric.  They refer to Korea as "their country," and are very opinionated.  I guess that will be a good humbling experience for me. (Yes I like things to go my way as well--doesn't everyone??)  I also learned that ibuprofen costs about $1 a tablet, sooooo needless to say, I will be taking QUITE a stock with me!  Despite all the crazy things I will experience, I know that I am meant to serve in Busan, Korea.  I am excited to teach the Korean people all about the gospel of Jesus Christ and share my love of it, and testimony with them!