Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Three Weeks

Well, I am officially down to 3 weeks as  of TOMORROW!!!  This is so crazy!!  Carol and I spent the morning shopping and were quite successful, even though there is still a long list of random stuff to get.  We met with the former mission presidents of the Busan mission on Sunday (Ken and Cathy Jennings-parents of Jeopardy champ Ken Jennings-just a little claim to fame there).  I learned exciting things like I will spend most of my nights sleeping on the floor, I can ship my luggage and belongings from place to place during transfers, and the Korean people are VERY ethnocentric.  They refer to Korea as "their country," and are very opinionated.  I guess that will be a good humbling experience for me. (Yes I like things to go my way as well--doesn't everyone??)  I also learned that ibuprofen costs about $1 a tablet, sooooo needless to say, I will be taking QUITE a stock with me!  Despite all the crazy things I will experience, I know that I am meant to serve in Busan, Korea.  I am excited to teach the Korean people all about the gospel of Jesus Christ and share my love of it, and testimony with them!

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