Monday, November 25, 2013

A Good Week


I am glad, as always to hear that you are all doing well!!  

So funny story for this week...I thought that Thanksgiving was on Thursday because it's usually about that time right?  (The Elders and I couldn't remember if it was the 3rd or the 4th Thursday but decided on the 3rd) Haha so in the morning before study I started making some delicious apple crisp...then after I had peeled all the apples and started mixing the crust, yeah...looked at my calendar and realized that it was this week.  Haha I had a good laugh, and my companion doesn't understand why I love holidays so much, so I think she laughed at me more than anything hahaha.  So we enjoyed the apple crisp and I'll probs make some more on Thursday and maybe even take it to District Meeting to share with the Elders.  P.S.  Cooking sucks here.  We have literally 0 counter space so imagine me sitting on the floor in my harmony pants, a cat shirt jamming to EFY music and mixing up some pie crust in two separate bowls since there's not one at our house that's big enough.  #koreaproblems.

Here's my other #sistermissionary problem for the week.  I have vetoed shaving my legs for the last week and a half, since I wear tights every day anyways and sleep in pants.  Yeah but realized yesterday I could feel the hair through my tights.  Hope you got a good laugh out of that one, and weren't just disgusted haha.

Quick update of the last week...
-Monday we had family night and did a scavenger hunt with the kids of papers hid all over the church.  One of the Korean elders was super clever and put number values on them and then like plus or minus signs so whoever's added up to the most points at the end won.  It was fun!
-Tuesday, to celebrate HALF WAY through our missions we treated ourselves to Karbi aka Korean BBQ with Dad's card (THANK YOU!:)) It was super delicious, of course, and we had lots of fun.  Then we met with the girl who gets baptized THIS SUNDAY and taught her a few more of the commandments.  Then that night, we met with the girl (she's like 30) who we are doing Family English aka 30/30 with (30 min english, 30 min gospel).  She opened up a little more about religion this week, which we were so stoked about.  We'll meet with her again this Tuesday and are planning to teach her about the atonement and how through Christ we can forgive and be forgiven.
-Wednesday, we had interviews with President.  While he went through and interviewd everyone in our district, Sister Gilbert taught.  We talked about lots of things but what stuck out to me most was about spiritual gifts.  We were all given spiritual gifts before we came here.  They were first developed in heaven, and now we have to continue to develop them and grow while we are here on earth, so we can be the person we were designed to be when we return to heaven.  We can develop these spiritual gifts into power to do what we are asked by our Heavenly Father through the spirit.  Pretty awesome.  We also talked about how we need to teach how the spirit teaches us.  Chokum sheek, chokum sheek (little by little) and exactly how we need to hear it personally.  Pretty awesome!
-Thursday, we worked on making new flyers for our English class, visited a few less actives houses, and then taught English.  Pretty routine.
-Friday, we visited a Guejeong member for lunch and ate SOOO MUCH FOOD!!! Seriously I had a hard time moving after. Curry and rice, and chop-chay (the clear noodles), and dokboki, (2 bowls of each of those) and fruit.  Then we were laughing really hard with the Elders afterwards and my stomach hurt so bad.  It was pretty funny. I guess there are worse problems, eh?
-Saturday, we taught Ye-jin again and finished up all the lessons!!  I taught "obey and honor the law" and committed her to be a hulionghan (basically transfers to awesome or fantastic, can't really do direct translation though) citizen.  Have to make it fun right?  Then we made banana bread to eat after church on Sunday because 

-Sunday, we got a NEW BRANCH PRESIDENT!  Yes, it is exciting. We now have a little more direction, instead of 4 20something year olds running the branch haha.  He and his wife just got back from serving a mission in Seoul and I think they will be awesome.  We are going to have dinner/meet with them again on Friday to get more of a plan so it will be GREAT!

For my sermon of the week, I was reading in Helaman 10 the other day and LOVED verse 4-5.  "Blessed art thou, Nephi, for those things which thou hast done, for I have beheld how thou hast with UNWEARYINGNESS declared the word which I have given unto thee, unto this people.  And thou hast not feared them, and has not sought thine own life, but hast sought my will, and to keep my commandments...Behold, I will bless the forever, and I will make thee mighty in word and in deed, in faith and in words."  Nephi is seriously the perfect example.  He, with unwearyingness, preached the gospel.  I imagine that he did this by words, as well as by example.  He was completely selfless and turned himself over to the Lord, and was receptive to all the guidance and commandments he was given.  As he did this, and consecreated himself to the Lord, the Lord promised to bless him FOREVER and promised to make him mighty in all things.  That is pretty amazing!!  I love looking for all of these examples in the scriptures, and our lives today, of what we can do better to become more like the Savior and give ourselves to him.  I love this time I have to focus on what I can do to grow and give myself more and more to the Lord, even though I have a long way to go.  I know this is setting a great foundation for what I will be able to do throughout my life.

Our plans for this week are mostly preparing for the baptism.  Most of the week is already planned out, which is such a blessing of course!  Lessons, as said above, are going well.  We have had a few setbacks with some other people we wanted to teach, and jundo has not been very successful lately, but we will keep working hard and being obedient, and as we do so, we will see miracles.  The mission has 22 baptism dates this week and next week , which is more than any other two weeks together since President and Sister Gilbert have been here!  Lots of great things are happening here!

I really want to stay here and not get transfered, which is kind of what we're thinking, but who knows!  I had a dream the other night that I got called to whitewash an area that was super sheegore (like forest) where there was no branch and we had to start it.  I woke up and was glad it was just a dream... hahaha

I play the piano every week in Sacrament, and every week at district meeting, and at zone meetings, so I have had lots of opportunities. I brought some and have copied some music from other missionaries here, and haven't had much chance to play actual like performance pieces--mostly just hymns.

I guess that's about it for now!!!!!  I'm glad you're all doing so well and I love you all so much!!!


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