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I can't believe how fast the time is going either.  I have started to freak out about it a little bit.  But I just stop thinking about it and start trying to think in the good old 한국말 (Korean) again and that gets me a little confused, and back on track haha. 

You asked about my companion.  She is the same age as me.  Her parents are both members--her dad joined the church and served a mission in Seoul, then married her mom and then she got baptized and sealed in the temple.  She is the oldest, and has a brother that is 19, doing his required military service right now, and a sister who is 12.  She is double majoring in English and Korean literature.  She loves to draw and loves stories.  The elders are great.  We have a great time with them, and they work so hard!  Yes, one of the elders is Korean.  He is 23 and is from Seoul.  He went to BYU for a bit, then did his 2 years military service, and now is here.  His older brother is serving in Washington right now, and his younger sister in Daejeon so there three missionaries from his family right now!  (I think he has two other siblings too.)  And the other is from Orem.  Hope that's a bit more info for you!!  They are all SUPER great missionaries! 

It has been a good week!!!  It was quick.  Nothing too exciting happened but, here's a quick overview...

Monday-English class after P-Day as usual!! 
Tuesday- We went and visited one of the harmonys (grandmothers) that is on our list.  (I think they flock to Sister missionaries.  Every area I have been in we've had a few.  Probably because they are lonely and we will go visit them.)  She is 91 and has cancer, and is always so excited to see us.  We hadn't gone in a couple weeks, and she was wondering why we hadn't gone.  I have a SUPER hard time understanding her because she speaks in  super thick satori (accent) (yes there are Korean accents...)  but thankfully my comp is amazing!  Then that night, we went to teach the new family that our members referred us to in Jinbo.  The two little girls we taught English to were super cute.  They are 11 and 8, and literally don't speak any English, and can't read it either. So we are starting from the basics.  They listened to our message really well about Jesus and how we can pray when we have hard times.  We really want to include the parents more with everything next time, so we're not just the English teachers, and have thought of a few ways that we can do a better job at that.
Wednesday was district meeting!  I usually enjoy district meeting, but I really loved it this week!!  The theme for this transfer is Flooding the Mission with the hope of the Book of Mormon.  President really wants us to focus on the Book of Mormon and getting it into the lives of the investigators, less actives, and members.  It has been awesome already.  At district meeting, we talked about Lehi's vision of the Tree of Life.  When he partook of the fruit, he didn't just eat it, and enjoy it himself, but he wanted to share it!  He yelled to his family to come and partake of it with him.  He wanted them to feel the joy that came from it too.  So we related the fruit to the Atonement.  When we feel the power of the atonement in our lives, we want to share it!  We can't just keep it for ourselves, but instead, yell to others to come have the same feelings from it!!  I have thought a lot about this this week.  The more I feel this joy and happiness and enabling power of the atonement, the more I want to share it.  I love it!  It makes me want to work even harder!  Then that night, we went and shared it with one of the members and she loved it!  Already seeing miracles from it!
Thursday, we went and visited the super old deaf harmony again that I told you about.  We took the member that she knows with us this time, so that was a help.  I didn't understand a lot of it.  She came to church again on Sunday though so that was good. Still not sure how we're going to teach her though!
Friday, we taught the sisters again.  I tried to correct one of their English papers for school and it was hard. Seriously my English grammar is going down the drain.  I think I did okay though!!  Then we talked about families and told funny stories, then turned it to how we can show love in our families.  Koreans don't really show their love within their families.  So, we challenged them to write their dad a simple note that just said I love you.  They also read in the Book of Mormon, but had a hard time understanding it, so we read it with them.  So fun!! 
Saturday, we had pizza with some of the members which was fun.  Then we got a really awesome jundo plan together with the elders.  When we do jundo, we do lots of stuff for English class, because that is what gets lots of people's attention, but we haven't had a lot of success with it.  So we decided to try something new.  We want to introduce ourselves as missionaries.  It is still in the works, but are trying to do it using the "I'm a Mormon" stuff.  So we made a survey that had them guess how old we are (most people thought i was 25?!?!), how much money we earn, how long we serve, and how much internet we use.  It was pretty funny to see the results, and we got people more laughing and involved with us.  We are excited to contact them this week. 
Sunday, we had church, and then did the jundo activity  i just told you about!!  Good day!! 

So overall, as you can see it has been a great week!!  I have loved continuing to see all of the little things that are going on here!!

I love you all so much!!!!!!!  I hope this week is AMAZING!!!


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