Tuesday, May 6, 2014

New Building Dedication

Hi hi!!

Sounds like you had a great week!!!

Sorry this is going to be quick today because we are in Gumi for P-Day and all of the missionaries have to use the computers here because it is a holiday and everywhere else is closed.  Anyway!

YES!  The dedication for the building was yesterday at it was AMAZING!!!!!!!!  Guess how many people we had there.  70!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish I could write that in bold letters with star stickers all around it just like I did in my journal last night!!!!  Just imagine it!  It was a great meeting!!  When we started planning this meeting in December or January, we set the goal for the meeting as 70 people, and thought it was maybe a little crazy, but felt good about it.  So we continued to plan, and despite the fact that things continued to go slow, we kept working and inviting people, so then yesterday at the meeting people kept coming and coming and coming!!!!!  Lots of people from the stake visited, which helped our numbers but still it was fabulous!!!  I taught primary again, but it was in English and Korean because there were kids from America as well as Korean kids, so I would say a sentence or ask a question in English, then have to say the same thing in Korean and write everything in both languages on the board.  It turned out pretty good though, and I had lots of fun doing it!!  President and Sister Gilbert came which was so fun to see them, and to introduce lots of our members (especially ***who came to church for the first time yesterday!!!!!!!!) to them.  I translated for Sister Gilbert during sacrament meeting, which was good, but kind of exhausting!  Haha  I hope I did an okay job.  There were also less actives there that we had heard about before, but never seen, as well as a former investigator that we have been trying to contact for a really really long time!!!  I was too busy to take pictures during the meeting, but Sister Gilbert has some that she said she would email to me, so I will get those to you when I get them!!! 

The rest of the week really just lead up to that. There was nothing too super exciting, just lots of planning for that, as well as the big activity we have tomorrow that I am still holding my breath that everything comes through, but should be great! 

This morning, we came to Gumi for P-Day and hiked up to a waterfall that was SO BEAUTIFUL!!!  I will send some pictures--it was SO MUCH FUN!!! 

Anyway,  I will send pics in a minute but I love you all SO MUCH!!!! I am SO EXCITED to talk to you next week!!

The church is true and i love being a missionary!!!


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