Sunday, July 14, 2013

Seriously the last 6 weeks have flown by, but so much has happened!  I didn't really understand how people said their missions went by fast, and I still don't really understand how it happens, but its happening!!!  I go to bed physically and mentally exhausted every night, and wake up still tired but so excited for all I get to learn and teach the next day!  

So weekly report quick:

Monday, we went and visited one of our former investigators who dropped us, but we're still visiting.  She owns a restaurant (korean fast food--aka rice, spam, eggs, dumplings, etc.  I'm learning to tolerate eggs.  And spam.  Weird.)  and then taught her about repentance and forgiving yourself.   She doesn't believe in Christ, but knows that the gospel can help her family.  Her daughter was baptized like 3 years ago, but isn't active.  Obviously there's lots of work to be done there so we're just trying to do as much as we can and leave the rest up to the Lord!

Tuesday, it was SO HOT!  Imagine like how hot it is at home, then add humidity.  Actually, you've probably been checking the weather here.  I sweat all the time. Its disgusting.  But everyone else does do and who do I have to impress anyway?!   We had lunch with a member, then visited one of the less active members who we visit each week (I've told you about her before--the one who speaks English) and talked about Christ appearing to the Nephites.  I just pray we are helping her faith grow, even if it is just a little bit at a time.   Then we had English class with the crazy little kids.  I always have so much fun, even it if takes the end of the energy I have for the day haha

Wednesday, we had district meeting!  I didn't have to teach at all which was nice.  Just got to listen. We talked about families which is one of my favorite topics of course!  I'm convinced I have the best family in the entire world.  I'm sure you would agree!

Thursday, we had training meeting which was awesome.  President and Sister Gilbert are so amazing!  It was everyone that came to Korea at the same time as me (ok 4 weeks ahead of me...but I just jumped right into where they were!)  and their trainers.  Sister Gilbert taught about intelligence, knowledge, and understanding.  I guess Elder Bednar has a book about it.  One of my favorite things she said was how when it talks about grace in the scriptures, it means the enabling power of the atonement.  The next day, I studied this in my scriptures, and am honestly amazed how much I learned.  I took a picture of what I wrote in my journal and am going to send it to you.  It's too hard to summarize... haha  Then I had an interview with President, and he just asked me how everything is going.  I said awesome of course!  It is so neat to hear how much he loves the missionaries, and would seriously do anything for us!  Don't worry--I'm in excellent hands here!  

Friday, we went to lunch at a member's.  She is in school for English (it's like if mom were to go back to school and major in Spanish, or Korean, or German haha)  and I helped edit one of her papers that she has to give as a speech at one point.  It was really fun for me because I got to bond with her a little bit.  I am starting to really love the members here.  It's hard sometimes because its hard to connect with them, but I do the best I can, and ask Sis Choi to translate some of my questions for them!  

Saturday, we went to lunch at another members house and I ate so much food.  We had meat (which is like 50% fat here and its totally normal.  i try not to think about it) and then these noodles, and then potatoes and i don't even know what else. Delicious, but so much food.  Then we had English class again.  I learned its really hard for Koreans to say the word "pearl".  Sister Choi and I have been working on it hahahaha Then we went to visit a former investigator who the sisters before us taught--she's like 75 and her house is far away, so we hadn't ever gone, and they dropped her (not exactly sure why--all the progress records are in Korean).  So we were going to find her house and this old lady came up to us and asked if we were missionaries! We said yes, and then it happened to be the lady we were going to visit!!!  Just another miracle from Heavenly Father!  He is watching over us! 

Sunday, we taught our investigator who is supposed to get baptized next week!  (She is like 17 and her mom and brother are members...her dad is too but very less active).   We still have a bunch of the commandments to teach her this week, and I'm just praying we can get it all in.  Sis Choi thinks we can though, so I'm just trusting her!  I will update you on that next week!!!  So exciting!!!  Then we went to try to find the house of a referral we got, but it was literally in the middle of nowhere. I will send a picture. It was slightly hilarious. We called her, and she wasn't even home.  So we took the bus back haha.  Then we went to the church on our way home to grab something and we turned on the light and there were like 2 cockroaches in the hallway!!!!!  We both started screaming.  So I grabbed the spray to kill them from the janitors closet and there were a few more in there along with a bunch of little bugs!!!!  I told my comp she was the Senior Companion so she had to kill them (yes we were screaming this entire time) and then they were just really fast and it was really gross and we just grabbed our stuff and left.  We told the elders they have to go kill them.  And that the branch needs to get an exterminator.  Gross.  It's kind of hilarious now though.  Then we came home, and I ate oreos with peanut butter and milk and was happy again haha.  

I got the letter you sent this week with President Uchtdorf's talk about light!  Perfect timing!!!  I got it at training meeting, and it went along really well with what we talked about!!!  So I have studied a little more about light as well, and emulating the light of Christ.  I loved Romans 13:12 that says, "let us cast off the works of darkness and put on the armour of light."  So.  We need to get rid of all the darkness in our life (sins, disobedience, etc.) and then be strengthened through Christ.  When we do this, and try to spread his light, we will have literal armor that is strength and power against Satan!!  It is conditional, however, on our obedience, and service to others.  We need to hope and have faith that we can do all things through him!  I love it!!!!  

I love you all so much!!!

Thanks for all you do!!!


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