Monday, July 29, 2013

Time is Flying

Time really is flying by!  I have been here two months in just a couple more days crazy!!

First news of the day.  Today was transfers and I got two new companions!  We're all pretty new here!  I am super excited to work with them!  We will have to study the language a lot, and will have lots of adventures trying to communicate with people.  I am very scared to be the one that has to get us places and know all the members, and investigators, and all that good stuff but I know there's something Heavenly Father wants me to learn from this!  I can't wait to see what it is!!

A brief overview of my week for you:
Monday, we went to gyoungju world--an amusement park an hour or so away from is!  It was super fun--about the size of lagoon.  We went on this one ride where you all sit in a circle and the thing you are sitting in raises up and bounces around. You're not belted in or anything.  My comp couldn't hold herself down and her legs flew in my face a few times.  I have a nasty bruise from where I hit my arm a few times trying to hold on.  So that was kind of awful but the roller coasters were fun.  Definitely took a Tylenol PM before going to bed though because I was so dizzy!!

Tuesday, we visited a referral from one of the members.  We taught her once before, and she now is thinking she wants to be Buddhist.  We are going to keep visiting her though.  We then had dinner with a bunch of the moms who bring their kids to our english class which was fun.  They are all super nice! 

Wednesday, we went to this old lady's house for dinner.  She is a less active member.  We ate rice and food I think had been sitting out for a few days, then she fed us this juice that was tomato and melon, but I'm pretty sure it was super super old and fermented because it was basically carbonated.  Discusting.   I thought I was going to die.  Good thing my stomach has learned to be nice and strong!

Thursday, we had dinner with a new American family that moved into our ward.  The dad is working here for one of the oil companies as an engineer.  They have 5 little kids who are crazy, but so fun.  She wants to have us over for dinner every week so that will be super fun!

Friday, we went to lunch with some members, and then my comp packed and explained the area to me.  Nothing too exciting.

Sunday, we had church (of course).  Our crazy ward mission leader was watching the Dodgers baseball game while teaching gospel principles.  Don't worry. 

Today, we went to Busan for transfers and I got my new companions!!!

So another fun week!!!!  I am a little frustrated because we don't have any solid investigators right now, but we are going to work really hard and try to contact lots of people this week!!!

This week, I have been trying to focus on putting off the natural man and become more like the Savior.  I love studying in the Book of Mormon about all the prophets examples, especially Nephi.  He had so many chances to give up and be like his brothers, but he stayed strong and did what the Lord asked of him!!!!  It really is so amazing!!!

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