Monday, June 24, 2013

A week of Jundo

Wow!  Sounds like everyone has had a great week!  It is so fun to hear about everything that is going on at home--after having experienced it though, I know not much changes haha.  I have had a good week!  It was the first week of the transfer and of just Sister Choi and I together.  She is so wonderful-she loves everyone around her so much!!  It is a little frustrating sometimes because although she speaks English very well, it is not perfect, and I have to speak slowly.  I know that my Korean is increasing, even if it is slowly which is good!  I just have to keep being patient with myself!  

Last Monday night, we were going on to jundo and there was an old harmony (or Grandmother) that was walking out of the Samsung center carrying a heavy bag, so we offered to carry it for her.  Sister Choi ended up carrying it, and I held the harmony's hand as we walked about 30 minutes to her house (it took us 10 to get back but we were walking really slowly...).  I know it looked hilarious.  She was at least a foot and a half, if not more, shorter than me, so I was literally bent over helping her walk, and stopping with her when she got tired.  She speaks with a heavy accent (saturi) and so I understand literally nothing she said to me, but I told her I was from America, and a little about our family, then let Sister Choi do the rest of the talking.  Then she fed us dinner (after we had already eaten..haha) and we sat and talked/listened.  I guess her daughter teaches in China so she lives there alone.  She's like 86.  She said she wanted us to keep visiting her, and we said we could as long as we could teach her too, so she agreed!  I don't know exactly what will come of it, but it is fun to see what can come of looking for opportunities to serve! 

Tuesday, we went and visited a less-active member who is also like 80 years old.  She stands at like a 90 degree angle completly hunched over.  Which makes her even shorter than she already is.  It was pretty funny I thought.  She fed us lunch and I think everything she fed us had been sitting out on her table for like 2 weeks, and I don't think she has ever really washed any of the dishes, but such is life here...  I just ate it slowly so I didn't have to eat lots, and am very thankful I didn't get sick!!  She is funny.  Her son is our ward mission leader and is like 50 years old and not married.  In her prayer she said something about, "Please Heavenly Father.  Help him to get married this year!!"  Then she sent us with handfuls of cherry tomatoes and we were on our way.  Later that day, we were jundo-ing at a bus stop and met a lady who is less active!!  Miracles are happening here in Ulsan!  I don't know the full story--it seems like she used to be pretty active, but I think something happened between her and one of the other members which happens a lot here.  We have tried to call, and visit her house, and haven't gotten a response, so we'll keep praying and trying!  That's the best we can do!  

Wednesday, we had zone meeting.  They talked about the light seen when looking at the temple, and how when we are baptized, we are given a similar light. We need to remember that when we are obedient, we are blessed with the light of Christ.  We don't radiate light, but the Lord gives it to us when we serve others and try to do what is right.  Pretty great thought I thought!  

Thursday, we fasted for one of our investigators--the 16 year old girl I told you about.  She agreed to be baptized, but we fasted about when, and how we can help her.  She has her exams the first week of July, so we are hoping to have the baptism a few weeks after that, but haven't had a chance to talk to her about it yet because she has been so busy studying.  Hopefully I'll have an update on that next week!  We also did our weekly service project helping at a place where they feed old people food.  I gave them donuts and yogurt, and tried to say a little something in Korean to them and it was fun!  Hard though to smell all the food while fasting... haha

Friday wasn't too exciting.  Jundo-ing and weekly planning.  We visited one of the former investigators at her restaurant at lunch in hopes to keep contact with her.  She needs the gospel in her life, but isn't quite ready to accept it.  Hopefully soon!!  We will keep praying and trying to keep in contact with her!!  

Saturday, we jundo-ed a lot and got 4 contacts which is exciting!  We'll see what happens with that!  Then we taught English class.  I sat at the advanced table (they speak really good english so we mostly just talk about the culture, and other stuff) which was fun, instead of teaching the little kids Head-Shoulders- Knees and Toes like last time.  Haha its always fun though!!  Nice to be able to mostly speak English!!

Sunday, Elders Beutler and Flint had a baptism-- a boy that is in High School!!  It went really well I think and he seems like he will be a great addition to the ward!  It is so fun to feel the spirit at the baptism, and realize that this is our purpose, to help bring others to Christ through baptism.  It was a good motivator!!  

So there's my week!  I've had a little bit of a hard time adjusting to everything this week!  I don't know exactly what it is.  I think being frustrated with not understanding anything going on around me!  I called Sister Gilbert and she is just so wonderful!!  She asked me how I had felt the Savior's love and I talked to her a little about the atonement and reading in Alma 34.  I love how verse 14 talks about how everything points to Christ and his atonement.  Then we talked about the Savior, and how our love for Him should drive EVERYTHING we do as missionaries, just like the Savior did everything for the Father.  When this motivates all we do, which for me is talking to everyone about the gospel, pushing myself to speak and learn more Korean, and serving and loving all those around me, I will be able to forget myself and be built more and more into the person and missionary the Savior and the Father want me to be.  When I do this, I will never be alone and have DIVINE help as I go throughout my days.  It is easy to feel tired, and think about myself, but when I am discouraged, and begin to think about serving others around me is when I can find that true joy talked about throughout the scriptures!  I can't wait tot see how this helps the people I teach as I encourage them to do the same!

This morning, I was reading President Monson's talk from priesthood session last conference.  He talked suggestions for our lives, and about missionary work.  He said as missionaries, we need to think of our parents and their love for us.  He said, "Their labors will sustain you, their faith encourage you, their prayers uphold you.  A mission is a family affair.  Though the expanse of continents or oceans may separate, hearts are at one."  I know this is true of our family!  We are all busy doing different things, but I KNOW that you all pray for me every night, and I can feel that love and support!  It is wonderful!!!  

I can't believe how much I have learned over the lat 3 weeks!  I am so excited to begin to act on this, and see who I become!  I know it won't always be easy, but we are promised that when we have faith, our weaknesses will become strengths through the Lord!!  I LOVE MISSIONARY WORK!!!



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