Monday, June 10, 2013

Hello from Korea!

Hello from Korea!!!! It feels so great to say that!!  I love you all so much and have missed you, but have enjoyed being here and beginning to preach the gospel more than you can know!!  

Tuesday:  Got here, President and Sister Gilbert picked me up (hope you got the picture from the office) and then we went back to the house said prayer with them and went to bed!  Sister Gilbert is so great--she said if there is anything here I would call my mom about, to just pick up my phone and call her!!  And since it was just me, I got to sleep in the room that the general authorities stay in when they come haha so that was cool! 

Wednesday:  President Gilbert made me an omelet for breakfast (yummy!) I filled out loads of paperwork, went to the bank with , had an intro to the mission, then went to lunch and met my companionS!  Transfer day is next Monday though, so we'll see if we all stay together.  I am in Ulsan city and my area is ShinJong.    It is so cool-I will see if I can send pictures from here.  I have taken lots haha.  Yes--I am sleeping on the floor on a yo- a mat that is basically a thick quilt on top of laminate floor haha so not the most comfortable but, I'm getting used to it and am so tired by the end of the day that I am just happy to be laying down with a pillow under my head! 

Thursday:  We ate at a members house for lunch (an old lady who's name I don't remember) and the elders from our ward were there too.  There are 4 elders and we have a good time together.  I tried to help share our spiritual message, and struggled a little, but got my point acrossed.  I am realizing how much I need to learn!!  It's a good thing that I have so long!  We also prosylited on the bus and I talked to a few people.  It was kind of scary, but I am slowly getting better, and rely on my companions a lot. 

Friday:  We had my first district meeting!    It was fun to get to know them a bit, even if some of them may get transfered next week!  We got fried chicken afterwards-which is different than American fried chicken of course but was still good.  You would be proud.  I ate it all with my hands off the bone.  Then we went and registered for my ALIEN card haha.  I can go pick it up in 2 weeks.   Then we Jun-do-ed (prosylited) for a bit, then I taught my first lesson to one of our investigators!  Her daughter is a member, but doesn't really have a belief in the gospel.  So we are trying to help both of them gain faith in Heavenly Father and his gospel. 

Saturday:  We walked super far to one of the member's houses.  She ordered Chinese food-which of course was different than our Dragon Diner, but was really good.  She served a mission, and then was inactive for a while, and feels she cannot forgive herself for that.  We taught about faith, and how faith leads to action.  I told her my faith grows when I bear my testimony and share the gospel with others.  We asked her to remember how she helped people's faith increase when she served her mission, and challenged her to bear her testimony to someone this week.  We then had an activity with the youth where they had to find different things around the church.  There is an American family in our branch who live here for their dad's job (He served in Seoul.)   So it was really fun for me to talk to their mom and the daughters who are in YW 

Sunday:  Church was good, but really frustrating because I barely understood anything!!  I was having a bit of a hard time after church, and my comp read me a quote by President Eyring that talked about his granddaughter on a mission being frustrated with learning a language, and realizing that she was first being taught the language of the spirit.  I hope that I can try to really focus on trying to feel the spirit, and being taught by it and how it feels to me, as I am still working on learning the Korean language.  We talked for a while, and she said that she was really homesick in the beginning too, and still is, but has really learned to grow closer to the Savior at this time.  I hope I can take this opportunity to do the same. The first night I was here, Sister Gilbert told me that I really need to gain a PERSONAL relationship with my Savior.  When I understand the love he has for me, I will be better able to love and serve the people I am teaching as he would.  I know this is just another great thing I can learn while I am here serving the Lord and helping bring his children back to him and his gospel.  We taught our second investigator yesterday--she is a 16 year old girl who's mom is a member.  Next week, we want to ask her to be baptized!  That would be so exciting!  She is so cute and even brought us a treat:) 

Monday:  We went to the beach with our district, and then to Gogi King--a meat buffet.  You can get whatever meat you want and then cook it in front of you.  I let the Koreans choose the meat and cook it, and just ate.  It was good, but I am on meat overload for a while haha

Haha the food is good--but I am constantly craving sweet things because everything is so salty!  So if you want ideas of things to send, candy is great haha I'm scared to open my thing of Reeses because I don't want them to be gone!  It seems like I can get lots of American things at the store--it just depends on how much I want to pay for them!  I have eaten lots of toast, made some spaghetti the other night, and love eating fruit and yogurt!  And frosted flakes are my new favorite cereal because I have a huge box of them haha.  I have eaten lots of different things. I had squid the other day.  It was weird-super chewy. 

Funny things I've noticed so far--
-We have to freeze our trash so it doesn't stink, and then throw it away.  Koreans are very particular about garbage, and recycling things separately. 
-There is delivery from McDonalds--they think Americans are lazy?!  At least we leave our houses haha
-There are 7-elevens everywhere but, they don't have slurpees.  Blasphemy!
-People on scooters will drive on the sidewalk if the street is too busy
-Couples occasionally wear matching outfits
-Everyone has those giant cell phones
-When you get delivery food, they bring it on real plates, and come back to get them later

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