Monday, June 17, 2013


Hello everyone from Ulsan!!  This has been a great, busy week and I have loved every minute of it.  Even the hard, frustrating moments:)   I got your package today--which i'm very excited about.  It's the first mail i've gotten:)  I have not gotten the letter yet but will watch out for it over the next few days!

So, for the week:
Tuesday, we visited the YW president, who served her mission at Temple Square so speaks some English as well (but I still try to speak in Korean because that's the only way i'll learn) and she bought Costco Pizza for us:)  We talked to her about how she can help the YW stand in Holy Places--like what was talked about at YW conference.  Then we did some jundo-ing (prosyliting) which is where we talk to people on the bus, at bus stops, etc.  I've decided it's a blessing that I'm assigned to preach in Korean because I have no problem going up and starting to talk to someone because I also have no concept of how awkward it is.  Which I know it is but who cares.  So I usually start the conversation asking them where they're going, or telling them their shoes are cute, then tell them we are missionaries, and let my comp take it from there.  Our goal is 3 contacts a day, and we do pretty good at that I think!  We also have English class on Tuesday night--where we teach English to different people we've met on the street, or the members.  I helped teach the little kids, so we practiced animals and how to pronounce them.  Yes.  I have to hold my self back from laughing when they say "rion" instead of "lion" and "sear" instead of "seal", etc.  Its hirarious.  

Wednesday was a very long day.  we jundo-ed a lot, both on the bus and on the streets, knocked on doors in apartment buildings (called kaka-hoho-ing).  I think this actually pretty entertaining because everyone has cameras so they can see who is outside their doors, and even when they ignore us, you can hear them say "way-gooks" which means forigners.   We also taught a new investigator!  We met her on the bus and yes, she speaks pretty good English as well!!!  She went to school in Georgia, and a preacher's family really helped her when she was there, so now that she is back, she is looking for religion again.  Well guess what!  That's what we're here for sister!  She seemed to accept what we shared with her, and said she was really busy with exams for school, so probably couldn't meet again until July.  Well we called her last night, and she said she would meet with us again Wednesday!

Thursday, we had Sister's Training at the mission office (the Boo-meaning headquarters).  This was basically the best ever.  And I have the best mission president and wife ever.  President Gilbert spoke about President Packer's conference talk and the correlation between the atonement and feeling the spirit.  Here's what I wrote in my journal about it which i'm really proud of:  When we repent and use the forgiving power of the atonement, we are able to more fully feel the spirit.  When we use the comforting power, we gain a better knowledge of our Savior, and his love for us.  When we use the enabling power, we are lifted up by the Savior to where we can better love and serve others as he would.  As a missionary, i can't wait to share this with members, investigators, less-actives, or really anyone--including other missionaries--that need to really have a better grasp on the Savior's love for each one of us.  We can feel this through the spirit, and the experiences we have through the spirit as we read our scriptures, perform Christlike acts, follow the words and council of our leaders, and most importantly pray to the Lord for strength and guidance.  Bam. Sister Gilbert spoke about virtue and the representation bamboo has in the Korean culture of virtue.  As sisters, we need to be like the bamboo trees--each growing upwards towards the light, but having massive strength together.

Friday, we jundo-ed and then studied.  We went to the American family's house for dinner and had mexican food which was fabulous of course. 

Saturday, we had a BBQ party with the members at one of their farms in the countryside.  And yes.  I ate DOG!!!  Haha I only had a little but it tasted kind of like the dark meat on turkey, but greasier.   I had to try it though.  And now I don't have to do it again.  The funny thing was, most of the Koreans there hadn't tried it before, and it was their first time too.  So it really isn't very common.  All the old men were really excited about it!  They put it into a soup, which I didn't eat much of.  I guess a couple people are sick because of some of the leaves that were in it or something.  

Sunday was a fun day!  It was our last day with the 3 of us:(  We went to church, of course.  I was still super lost, and really tried to listen to parts of it, but let my mind wander to other gospel topics so got to have some nice pondering time haha.  During Sunday School, we taught one of our investigators who is like 16 or 17 and had a great lesson.  We talked about the restoration, and how the Book of Mormon is evidence that the gospel is true.  The American family's daughter who is 17, was our member present, and she bore a great testimony about how God and Jesus Christ called Joseph by name, and they know each of us by name as well.  Then, we committed her to baptism!  It was a soft commitment, so we didn't set a date because she has her big exams through July, and can't decidate any time to reading the Book of Mormon until then, but it was still really great.  The feeling of knowing you've helped someone know their savior a little more makes all the hard stuff worth it!

Today, we had transfer meeting in Busan, so we rode the bus there this morning, heard from the departing missionaries and President/Sister Gilbert. Sister Gilbert shared Alma 34:31, and how there are promised blessings when we act.  We now need to go to a new level in our relationship with the Savior, and find what is holding us back from doing so.  She said that we cannot participate in the Atonement without sacrifice on our part.  Then President Gilbert said we need to move forward and go DO!  The savior called us on a mission through the prophet.  If we have faith, we are promised the power needed (Moroni 7:33) 

I can't think of any other really funny things to tell you besides everyone has those ringback tones-aka a song that plays when you call them.  People's names are really hard for me to remember, so I identify people by their ringback tones hahaha.  And everyone has the giant samsung smartphones.   

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