Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A New Companion


Sounds like it has been a fun week and that everyone is doing great.   That always is good to hear!

This week was good!!!

Tuesday i was in Shinjeong (my training area) with Sister *** because we were both training.  Normally you spend time in both areas getting them ready but, Andong is too far away so we just stayed in Shinjeong.  We spent the morning getting the house and area books all ready, which was nice and fun for me to go through and pick out old investigators for her to contact again.  Then we went and visited a less active that I used to visit when I was there.  She still hasn't come to church, but I can see progress in her desire to learn!!  Then we went to English class, which was fun.  Some of the same people were there.  Remember me telling you about Eric, the man who loves the sister missionaries?  This is what he said to me the other night.  "Burgoyne.  You are a lot more beautiful than when you were here with [Sister] ***."  ...........................................................Thanks Eric.

Wednesday morning,  Sister *** and I started off the day by ordering McDonalds breakfast and getting it delivered to our house.  It has been a dream of mine for a while, but there is no McDonalds in Andong so can't do it here.  I have a video that you can watch in a few months.  It was pretty funny and delicious of course.  I got a sausage egg McMuffin.  Then, we went back to Busan and jundoed all together with the new trainees.  There were 3 Korean sisters, 1 American sister, 5 Korean elders and 1 American elder.  We went to a big shopping area and switched off every 20 minutes or so who we were with, for 4 rounds.  Then we went and had a delicious dinner at a restaurant nearby and then  KrispeeKream (probably spelled wrong but you know what I mean) donuts and we went and slept at the Sujeong sisters house.

Thursday morning we went back to the mission home and had Costco muffins for breakfast and then President announced who our trainees are.  Mine is 최유진s  and she is SO cute!!!  She is the youngest sister in our  mission and just turned 19 in December!  We have already had so much fun together.  She really wants to work hard and learn a lot, so that helps me a lot too!  She doesn't speak very much English and I think is a little afraid to try, so it is all Korean all the time! It is pushing me to learn more, but I have been surprised by how well we can communicate!!  I know that is all the spirit helping me speak Korean though!!!  We spent Thursday morning doing more training and then made it back to Andong at dinner time, visited a member, then the day was over!

Friday, we had district meeting which was good as always.  Nothing too special.  Then we taught the two sisters with a baptism date.  We had a little setback with school starting again, they can't meet every Friday night like we have for the last few transfers, but they still want to learn so our plan is to continue meeting with them on the weekends.  They have such a desire to learn and know that it is true, now it is just them seeing how important it is to make time for the gospel, even with their busy schedules.  I know that through our faith, everything will work out!

Saturday, we had English class and then a youth activity.  Then we went to the branch president's house for dinner so he could meet the new missionaries.  Yes, Elder *** also left so there is a new elder.  He is really nice and works really hard, so I know that it will be another good transfer!

Sunday was good.  Church was good as always.  We only had one investigator there this week, the grandma we are teaching.  She is funny.  Then we went and slept in Daegu last night because we had zone P-Day this morning and had breakfast and played a bunch of games which was really fun.  I had a bunch of pictures, but I left my camera on the bus.  Don't worry though.  They have it and we will go and get it after email.  I will see if Sister *** has any pictures I can send!

Sorry. I feel like this email is kind of scatterbrained!!!  I feel a little scatterbrained lately too haha.  Training is a little stressful, but really fun.  But don't worry I'm still happy happy happy!!!  I LOVE MISSIONARY WORK!!!


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