Monday, March 17, 2014

Jundoing...47 Contacts in 1.5 hours

It has been a great week.  I think every week goes faster and faster.  This week definitely flew by.  It was SUPER fun though!!!  And stressful, but like I have said before, we all know I work better under a little stress.

Monday, was P-Day.  Had lunch with the elders and then wandered around Shinae (aka downtown part of the city) and shopped a little bit.  Sister *** loves shopping even more than I do so we had a little bit of fun haha.  I counted yesterday and I have acquired 13 striped shirts in Korea...............

Tuesday, the infamous Andong Farming season began!!!  A few of our members and less actives are farmers, so the missionaries get to help them  every so often.  So one of our members has a field where they grow corn.  But in the spring, before they plant the corn, there is black plastic covering on the ground that it grows up between.  So we got to spend 4.5 hours ripping the black plastic stuff from last year out of the ground.  It was tough work.  We were all talking and laughing the first hour or two, but were all silent the last little bit haha.  It was fun though.  Then we went and had dinner with the member.  I was super hungry so ate it all, even though it kind of had a funny taste.  Yeah.  Found out later that it was loach soup....  Sounds dericious!  Then we went with the member to visit our harmony investigator.  The branch president and members have really been pushing for her to get baptized so that the church can help her out some more because she doesn't have anybody to take care of her, but she can't understand everything we teach because she can't hear well and has dimentia.  But I talked to President about it and he said if she believes what she does understand and will continue coming to church, she can get baptized.  SO...she will be getting baptized (fingers crossed) this Sunday at Stake Conference!!!  We are very excited about it, but a little nervous as well just making sure everything goes through ok.  And the whole stake will be there.  One of the elder's investigators is getting baptized too so that will be great!

Wednesday, we had district meeting.  One of my favorite fun-parts of district meeting is the short Korean lesson.  This week, one of the other sisters, Sister *** taught it and she taught us some hilarious Korean phrases.  I have been practicing them all week  with Sister *** and so that I can use them at just the right time:)  Sister *** also gave the talk and I was so proud.  Haha it is like watching your child give a primary talk or something.  It was on how to be a more diligent missionary, and so we talked all about it the days leading up and I got to share with her everything I have learned about how obedience and diligence work hand in hand.  She did a great job, and testified of everything I had taught her.  It was fun.  Then we came back and worked on a new jundo board we are making to talk with people about their "questions of the soul".  We also had American dinner and made some of the Mac and Cheese you sent me and had some sprite haha.  Pic to come

Thursday, we went and visited our harmony again.  She called us the night before and told us not to come, but we have learned that is just her way of saying that she really wants us to.  We got to her house and she was totally waiting for us.  We taught her all about the plan of salvation, very simply, and I think some of it soaked in which is good.

Friday, we weekly planned and then had dinner with one of the sisters.  We talked to her more about baptism, and she said that she is worried because she really wants 믿음 (can't remember the English word........oh belief) and that she feelds like she doesn't really have any.  We talked about her desire to learn is where it has to start.  We will try to meet with her again this week.  Friday was also White Day.  So in Korea, on Valentines day, the girl gives chocolate to  the boy, and on white day, the boy gives candy to the girl.  Super complicated.  Haha so Sister *** and I treated ourselves:)

Saturday, we had english class which was fun as always.  Then we went to Youngju and had dinner with  one of our members.  We have not been able to see her for a couple weeks because we have both been really busy.  We talked about the Liahona and how in order for the liahona to work, Lehi and his family needed both faith and diligence.  Then we said how the gospel is the same.  We need faith, or the desire to learn, but also have to  act upon our desire and be diligent and following through.  Then we talked about the end of the verse which talks about small things leading to big things.  Somehow we got on  the subject of blessings and the little blessings in our lives leading to big blessings.  I asked her what little blessings she sees in her daily life and she said that none of her blessings are little, but they are all big!  Then we challenged her to pray with her family and will follow up on that this week!

Sunday, we had church which was good as always.  Nothing too exciting.  Then we went and jundoed with the Elders for English Class and Sister *** and I got (drumroll.........) 47 contacts in about an hour and a half!!!!  That is DEFINITELY a record of some sort.   The elders got some too, so between us we are praying that some of the people will come to English and then  we will be able to begin teaching them!!!

So that's my week!

Oh!  I have been continually studying last October's general conference and was reading Elder Christofferson's talk about the role of women and wanted to  share this quote with you that I read...
"Sisters, of all your associations, it is your relationship with God, your Heavenly Father, who is the source of your mortal power, that you must always put first in your life.  Remember that Jesus's power came through His single minded devotion to the will of the Father.  He never varied from that which please his Father.  Strive to be that kind of disciple of the Father  and the Son,, and your influence will never fade."
I loved it!!!  As I hae really tried to focus on what the Lord's will is for me, it has been amazing how everything I have studied has related back to it.  I also loved pondering about how Jesus's POWER came though his SINGLE-MINDED devotion to the Father's WILL!!  I know that as a missionary, I can receive even more POWER to be able to share the gospel of Christ as I try to become more like him, and this is just another way to help me do so!!  I feel so blessed that I am learning all of this.  Thank you for your great example of it too!!!  I love reading your letters and emails and hearing your sweet testimony and love for the Savior!!!


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