Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Well I am emailing late today because today was transfers!!!  Sister Sung is leaving Andong and is going to Daegu, which is a big city in the middle of the new mission, and I will be training a new missionary!!!!  I am sad that Sister Sung is leaving, because we had a great two transfers together.  We worked really hard and had so much fun in the process.  Of course, I am so excited to get to train a new missionary though!!!  I will find out on Thursday morning who I will be training.  There are 3 Koreans and 1 American coming so we will see!!!  I will update you on that one next week!!!

This week was not that exciting.  Haha Sister *** was sick the first few days (don't worry. I took more Vitamin C than I knew was possible (it helps that it is peach flavored) so my immune system is nice and strong.) and so we took the first couple days of the week to make a new member book, make some things for less actives, and over all make sure everything in our area was nice and up to date.  (Which is a real blessing now because it is all ready for me to take over and train.)

On Wednesday, we had a great district meeting, which was in Andong this week.  Afterwards, we ate Andong Chimdark (a famous dish in Andong that has chicken, potatoes, cabbage, clear noodles, and sauce.  It's pretty good!)  and then went and jundoed all together!  It was really fun because Sister *** and I got there a few minutes after everyone else, and as we walked into the place where they were jundoing, we saw a bunch of people walking around carrying around copies of the Book of Mormon!!  That's not something you see every day!!!  Between the 10 of us, in about 45 minutes, we gave away 30 copies of the Book of Mormon and got 25 contacts!!! I am excited to get to follow up more with them and pray that we see some miracles from it!

Thursday, we tried to go visit the nearly-deaf harmony again, but because of miscommunication between us and the old member that was going to pick us up, it ended up as a big adventure and the harmony was not very happy.  We prayed with her, and made an extra effort to invite the spirit as we talked with her.  She came to church on Sunday though and was happy again, so we are grateful that everything is back to normal.  Now the only trick is figuring out how to teach her so that she can understand.  She wants to get baptized, because she likes coming to church, but first needs to understand that God is our Heavenly Father and who Jesus Christ is.  It will be an adventure, and there will be lots of prayers in her behalf!  Then that night was transfer calls!!!!

Friday, we had to pack all of my comp's stuff and ship it to Daegu.  We jundoed a bit and then taught the two sisters who have a baptismal date.  It was an AWESOME lesson!!!  We talked about enduring to the end, and how we can do so through obedience, prayer, scripture study, etc.  We talked about the iron rod and how it is always there leading to the tree of life.  Things around it may change, but the path is always there.  We always know what we need to do to make our way back to Heavenly Father.  Sister *** and I both shared personal experiences about it, and they had some really good questions for us.  I think it was hard for them to say goodbye to my comp, but the work goes on!!
Saturday, we had English Class and then went to Youngju to visit *** and her family.  We had dinner with them, and then played a few games.  I taught her daughter how to make a cootie catcher which was pretty funny.  Our trick with them now is that they see the gospel is good, and will listen to our message, but can't really see how it applies in their life, because they are really happy.  It may take time, but as we move forward with faith and keep teaching what the Lord teaches us to, we will be able to really help them progress.

Sunday, we had church of course!  We had four investigators there--the harmony, *** and *** , and one of the less active young women's friends.  One of the members taught Young Womens and did an awesome job.  She explained the whole outline of the church--how the different classes and quorms work, why we need three hours of church on Sunday, etc-- and also shared how she met the missionaries originally through English class too, and how she later found out the church was true.  She got baptized almost 15 years ago now, and her daughter just submitted her papers to go on a mission!!!  Then we had to go to Daegu where we slept over so we could get to Busan this morning for transfer meeting!
The last picture of the "Dream Team" in Andong.

Transfer meeting was great this morning.  President and Sister Gilbert both talked about how we can really APPLY the Book of Mormon more in the lives of our investigators.  How there is always a doctrine and a principle, which we find in any story in the Book of Mormon, which are unchanging, and those lead to the application, which is the thing that changes.  Again this transfer, we are really focusing on the Book of Mormon really getting our investigators reading it and applying it to their lives!!!  I am really excited about it!!

I love you all so much and am so grateful for you and your great example to me!!!   I love you!!!

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