Monday, May 20, 2013

Another Monday

So I guess that as it is Monday--the day most missionaries write home and have a new post on their blog--I should add a little something.

I went and saw my good friend Dr. Hill again today and he said everything looked pretty good and that I would be good to travel on Thursday or Friday!!!  Aahhhh!!  Mini panic attack!!!  I'm not ready for things to change that soon again--I already had to deal with that once!  Fortunately (or unfortunately depending on how I'm feeling at the moment), the people I talked to at the MTC said I would be home for 3 weeks-the extra week to make sure I really am good to go!  So I texted my stake president and he said he left a message with Missionary Medical and would follow up with them tomorrow.  So no definite plans yet...which I am still a little bit anxious about of course.  Now that I am feeling better, however, I am finding all sorts of ways to entertain myself. (Don't worry...nothing crazy) I am super excited to go to the temple again with my mom tomorrow.  That has definitely been a highlight of being home.  While at the MTC, every time I got to go to the temple, I thought of how excited I was to go again with my mom when I got home.  I definitely didn't think it would be this soon, but I am grateful for the opportunity, especially because there is not a temple in my mission, and I will probably not get to go while in Korea.  I am so grateful there are so many temples around my home that I am able to easily attend!

I have also been skype-ing a teacher, 박유라 자매, who has been helping me in all things Korean, as well as some scripture and Preach My Gospel study.  It has been so wonderful to meet with her and continue to learn Korean, and more about the gospel and my testimony!

Well that's all for now I guess...short and sweet!!  I will post for updates on when I am heading out to Korea!!


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