Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Well everyone the tonsils are officially 없어요 (Op-soy-oh, meaning non-existant!)  We (my parents and I) went up to Primary Children's Hospital at 10:30 this morning.  Because I am only 19, they are able to do the surgery there!  And Dr. Hill, my ENT, said that they have better slushees post-op.  I think my parents were glad I could take care of signing my own papers.  So responsible here!  Haha

A nurse took my vitals, gave me an IV in my left hand, I changed into the hospital pants and gown, and we were off to the waiting room!  When we got there, there was a nurse who also went to Busan on her mission in the 1980s!!!  So we talked about it for a few minutes which was very fun!  Everyone kept asking me, "Are you a student?" No... "Well are you working?" No... Then I got to explain the whole situation a few time.  It was interesting to hear different people's reactions.

So we waited there for a few minutes, the child-life specialist came, showed me pictures of the doctor and operating room, and gave me a doll to color.  How presh.  Haha I ended up making her look as Korean as my limited creative skills would allow.  I think the child-life specialist was only like a year or two older than me which was kind of funny.

Then Dr. Hill and the anesthesiologist (can't remember her name) came and talked to us, and I went back!  It was a little intimidating walking into the room with a bunch of nurses asking me questions, explaining what would happen, etc.  I guess this procedure is a little more legit than I thought!  I was expecting a little more like wisdom teeth or something--since its the only thing i remotely have to compare to.  The last thing I remember is one of the drugs going into my IV stinking really badly, and then waking up in the post-op room uncomfortable and crying.  No surprise there!

They brought my mom back, and she has video.  If you're lucky, maybe you can see it.  I accept ice cream as collateral :) I'll post some super attractive pictures with this.  Don't judge.

So the fruit-punch slushees began there (they only had root beer and fruit punch.  Lame!!)  I would drink for a minute, then would just want to sleep.  They gave me some more drugs (bring it on) and then wheeled me into the recovery room.  I watched some solid American Pickers (ok well more listened to it to block the sounds of screaming children around me while I "rested my eyes")  I was scared to fall asleep because come machine would stop beeping as soon as I did so I kinda just laid there for a while.  You have to stay an hour after they give you the last narcotic.  My dad then went and got the car, I made it to the bathroom (with a lot of help) and then they wheeled me out to the car with another slushee and puke bucket in hand.  Fortunately, the puke bucket hasn't been needed yet.

I have felt a little out of it today, but it has been a lot better than I was expecting!  I've eaten lots of soup and ice cream, along with drinking loads of water.  Mary doesn't quite understand why she has to keep helping me to the bathroom, but everyone at home has been great!

I hope and pray things will continue to go smoothly, as it has so far.  I CAN'T WAIT to get to Korea!  My heart is definitely already there with my district.  I know that I will make it there eventually, and just have to trust that the Lord has a plan for me with all of this!!

I love you all and thanks for your love and support!

사랑 해요!!


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  1. Em! You are hilarious (I chuckled during all of this!). What a good sport you are. Good luck with recovery, praying you can get to Korea asap! Love ya!