Monday, May 27, 2013

JUNE 3!!

Well I finally have a date--JUNE 3!!!!  I could not be more excited, and relieved to know when I am leaving!  Now I have a busy week ahead of me really working on Korean and brushing up on the Preach My Gospel lessons.  It will be nice as I pack this week to be able to go through what I had at the MTC, and see what I really want to take to Korea.  Of course, I'm also excited to eat all of the food I know I will miss for the next 16 months...Cafe Rio, Hires, Diet Coke, Slurpees, etc.  

It has been really fun to be home with my family and spend time with them doing different things.  I have also had a hard time because I've been a little in no man's land--I've tried to follow my missionary habits, while being released and still doing other things.  Overall, however, has been a great experience for me.  I have loved skyping Sister Park, one of the teachers at the MTC, who has helped me SO MUCH!  I know I still have lots to learn though, and can't wait to totally immerse myself in the Korean language and culture NEXT WEEK!!!!!!!

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