Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A busy week!

Tuesday, we went and helped one of our investigators. She in her 3rd year of middle school, and has an English test this weekend so I helped her with her English homework.  I understand why Koreans think English is so hard, and sounds funny sometimes.  The grammar books here that they teach them out of are SO confusing.  I thought I knew English.  Not the way they teach it here! 
That afternoon, we also helped an old lady carry her grocery bags home to her house (yes they did have live crabs in them--they sell live crabs on the street just chillin in sawdust.  NBD)  and she was telling us all about how having babies is so expensive in America.  Random?  Yes.   She did say she had met with the missionaries probably like 30 years ago, and we were excited to go back and visit, but we saw her and her son on the street a few days later and she is going to live in Seoul with him so she can take care of him (she is like 94 or something like that).  I'm glad we could serve her though!!
Wednesday,  we hadn't really eaten much that day except for some lunch really early in the day, and some Kimbop, so after English class right before planning, we ordered pizza.  Some good comfort food:) (Except it had sweet potatoes on it.  The pizza here is crazy.  I have an extra menu I'll send you)
Thursday, we went to English class in Guejong.  These two old ladies come every week, and this week they came early because they wanted to bring us some rice cakes and other treats haha.  The rice cakes were good, but one of them brought onion juice.  Yes onion juice.  I brushed my teeth and used mouth wash like 5 times that night.  Good thing I don't get very close to people here.  Then during English, we were talking about Chuseok (the big holiday honoring their ancestors) and one of the ladies was talking about how she doesn't like bowing to their ancestors, and she likes what we teach about how after we leave our physical bodies, our spirits are still living.  She told her son not to bow to her after she dies, and to think of her as living instead! How sweet is that!  So I got to share about how my family members had just died and even though I am sad, I get to think of how happy they are right now!  Then for the closing song, I chose Families Can Be Together Forever.  I hope we have more chances to teach her about the Plan of Salvation!! 
Friday was Zone Conference.  We talked about obedience, and being a consecrated missionary.  President Gilbert talked about the Atonement and gave us a bunch of scriptures to study, which I haven't had time to do yet, but am really excited about.  We talked about something I had never thought of before.  Satan knows our potential too.  He saw how we fought in the War in Heaven.  He knows what we can be and knows that he can never get there.  This makes him want to work even harder on us.  I really want to work on not letting him get to me and think less of myself.  I thought about the Young Womens theme when we were talking about this and all of the potential we have as Daughters (and sons) of a loving Heavenly Father!  What a great promise! 
Then I did an exchange with a  great missionary and a great example!  We talked a lot about missionary work, and how sometimes we don't see the results of our efforts.  There's a scripture in 1 Corinthians 1 (don't remember what verse) where Paul says he came to Preach the Gospel, not to baptize.  We decided that we always need to remember this!  We also went to McDonals, ate Popbingsu (my favorite treat with ice cream and shaved ice) and some other treats because Sister Taylor, her companion, doesn't like treats haha
Sunday, we went to church and then found a less actives house to visit after.  I really don't know how we found it.  Addresses are crazy confusing here! 
This morning, I was studying in Preach My Gospel about the Plan of Salvation and there is a sentence under The Creation sentence that I really loved.  "We must walk by faith rather than by sight."  I don't know why this really hit me this morning.  We got to live with Heavenly Father before this life, and now on earth, we have to learn how to live with the Spirit as our comforter,and do all we can to return to live with Him again.  I was thinking about when I first left on my mission. I had a hard time because all my usual forms of comfort--calling Mom, taking a nap, drinking a few diet cokes, etc.--were all gone and I had to learn to rely purely on the spirit.  Then when I return home to all of you, I will know how to listen to the spirit, and live my normal life as I am constantly striving to be more like Jesus Christ.  I hope that makes sense.  
You asked about the language.  It is improving.  I don't know if you can tell by my writing, but my English grammar is getting seriously messed up.  I usually speak in as much Korean as I can with my companion, and will fill in English words as needed, but she doesn't usually know them, so when we talk we are constantly using the dictionary in our phone to communicate.  Its kind of hilairous.   I still have lots to learn, but my understanding really has jumped up so much since being in Daeshin.  When we're talking about gospel things, I can usually understand most of it, and other things, not as much, but that's ok.  I have to keep reminding myself there's even things in English I don't know the words for, so I'm bound to not understand everything!!! 
You also asked about weather.  There has been tons of rain this morning and yesterday, but it really hasn't been bad.  It has cooled down which is nice!  I will probably have to wear sweaters all the time in the next few weeks.  You can check temp online I guess haha.
I think that's about it for now.  I am glad I got to communicate with you all a little more this week, even if its not under circumstances we would have chosen.  I love you all SO SO much!!!  I hope you all have great weeks!

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