Monday, October 14, 2013


Hello!!  Glad to hear from you!  I love the weekly updates and hearing what is going on at home. 

I am sitting here in the Branch President's office at the church drinking a nice kind of cold coke-zero.  The only thing that would make it better if it was 1) real diet coke and 2) from the fountain but you do what you can right?!  Haha

The word for Tuesday was 태풍 aka tay-phoong.  Can you guess what that is?  TYPHOON!!!!!!!!  Remember when you asked me about it last week and I said that we hadn't really seen anything yet?  Well I spoke about 12 hours too soon.  It started raining Monday night and I don't think it stopped until Wednesday morning.  And when I say rain I mean RAIN!  I don't think I had experienced anything like it!  We jundo-ed in the subway for a lot of the day where it was dry, but had to go out for dinner and then to meet with one of our investigators, and I think I used my umbrella to block the wind more than the rain because I was soaked anyways.  Then our investigator canceled because it was too wet and she didn't want us to have to go all the way to her house, so we went home and called less actives instead.  My shoes didn't dry until Friday!!  Good thing I have a few pairs...  It was pretty fun though looking back on it! 

Wednesday, we had zone meeting.  The zone leaders taught about how we need to have faith in Jesus Christ, not just faith.  One of them said how when we went to the MTC, his dad said to him was "Don't look to the sides.  Look up!"  I have thought about this a lot this week.  It reminds me of the talk you sent me by Elder Carl Cook about how it is better to look up!  I have thought about how we need to look to the Lord for help first and trust in his guidance.  Also, how we can't compare ourselves to those around us, but to always just keep climbing at the pace Heavenly Father has set for us.  Also how we obviously we live in the world, but we can live on that higher plane and not be of the world.  I made a great analogy in my journal about it and climbing the ladder in the SL temple to the Angel Moroni, but that is really long to type so maybe I will just copy it and mail it to you:)

Thursday, we met one of our investigators for lunch at Pizza Hut.  (Pizza Hut is actually a nice restaurant here, and pretty different from the US.  Still tasty though!)  She has been an investigator for a few years, and has progressed on and off, but she is super sweet.  I have met her a few times now.  She is going to graduate school for English interpretation, and so speaks English pretty well, and uses really funny colloquial phrases like "getting all dolled up" or "PDA".  It was pretty funny.  She has a big test on the 26th, so we can't meet again until after that, but I hope we can get her progressing then! 

Friday, we ate lunch with another investigator (who is sadly not progressing either but really likes us) which was fun, and then jundoed a bit and weekly planned.  Kind of an uneventful day!  (Except I did get letters from all of you which was very fun)

Saturday and Sunday, we watched conference!!!  I had downloaded it earlier in the week so had already listened to it, but it was fun to watch/listen again.  I listened through headphones and watched (except the timing was off by like 3 seconds in my ears from their mouths moving) while the Koreans listened to the translated version.  I loved it!!!  I especially loved President Eyring's talk!!  I loved how he combined talking about families, and obedience, and forgiveness, and happiness all in one talk.  It seriously answered a few of the questions I went into conference with which was awesome! I especially loved a few things he said.  One, about how the Lord will give us assurance of forgiveness in His time and in His way.  It makes repentance and the opportunity to grow such a personal experience.  It really makes me think about how much my Savior loves me individually, as well you, as the people I teaching here.  I also like how we said the Lord know what difficulties we will go through, and that is why he sent His son.  This makes me want to deepen my relationship with the Savior even more!  As I constantly reach out to him, I will be able to become what he needs me to be.  I also loved Elder Christofferson's talk on the value of women!  I am so excited to go back and watch/listen/read them all again.  I love that we have conference every 6 months and can learn so much new stuff!!!   I am also glad we have 6 months between to study and apply all that was taught in the previous conference. 

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