Monday, October 7, 2013

Stake Music Festival "Korean Fan Dance"

It has been a fun week! We are always busy, but then I think about it and I say, "what in the world have we even done this week?!"  Here's a brief summary for you all. 

Monday was P-Day of course.  We went and got lunch, I wrote letters while my companion slept, then we had family night at the church and did a puzzle of the Salt Lake temple someone sent one of the other missionaries.  Also made Ramen in the ginormous rice cooker for all the kids.  Like 10 packs.  Pretty funny. 

Tuesday, we taught our investigator that is like 16.  I helped her with her English homework again. Remember how I told you that the English books are messed up here?  Here is a sentence that was in one for the word "actually" that I thought was hilarious.  "Love is actually all around us.  It means you can find a soul mate near you."  What the heck right?!

Wednesday, we went to our weekly service project at what is basically day care for old people with Alzheimers.  The old ladies just like to tell me over and over how beautiful I am (which I don't really mind of course, but I think its just because I'm not Korean).  Its fun though.  We had English class and had 3 new people come which I was super excited about! 

Thursday, we had district meeting.  Part of district meeting is a short 10 min lesson, that in the past has just been to help learn Korean, but now President is pushing how our companions need to learn English too, so it is just a language lesson.  I taught it this week and used the scripture Moses 1:39.  I wrote each individual word in Korean and in English on different colored papers, then they had to match them and put the scripture in order.  I thought it was pretty clever. 

Friday, we went and ate at one of the Elder's investigator's parents restaurant.  We ate korean bbq, which was delicious of course, and then the elders ordered crab.  I ate one of the crab legs.  It was cold which was kind of weird, and super salty, but not bad.  I guess the shell part, they like to mix rice in with the meat and eat it.  I have pictures I will send. 

Saturday, there was a stake music festival.  Yes.  I did get to do a traditional Korean Fan Dance all dressed up in a Korean dress and everything!!!!!  Seriously it was so much fun.  We only practice a few times, so it wasn't perfect, but pretty fun.  I have a video, but I think it is too big to send, so you will just have to wait a while for that one and enjoy the pictures for now:)  They made us wear lots of make up, and the Korean girl that did it with us told me that one day, I will have to show my future husband these pictures.  She said I looked so beautiful that he would fall in love with me all over again.  Haha precious. 

Yesterday, church, MCM, visiting and old member, one of our investigators (who is not progressing but loves us) and that's about it! 

So there's my week.  The fan dance was definitely the highlight (in addition to teaching the gospel of course).   

To answer your questions:
The fall weather is awesome!  We really haven't had too much rain.  I think that the weather in Busan is kind of like Southern California.  Pretty nice most of the year, since its so close to the ocean. 
My companion is good.  She is funny.  We have learned how to work well together.  I've realized she doesn't like to talk lots, so I am becoming very comfortable with my own thoughts haha
We aren't getting huge amounts of missionaries.  We are at our max capacity, so the amounts coming in will be pretty slow from now on (at least that's what I've heard)

Read 2 Nephi 31:20.  I love how it focuses on that perfect brightness of hope.  As we use the light of Christ in our lives, we are better able to hope for all the things we are promised through the gospel, most importantly eternal life with our families in the presence of Heavenly Father.  As we do this, while studying the scriptures and enduring to the end, we have no need to fear. 

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