Tuesday, October 22, 2013



I am glad to hear that you had a great week. 

Quick update on my week:
Monday, we went bowling for FHE with a bunch of the young men in the ward.  It was pretty fun.  Only in Korea is the bowling alley on the fourth story of a big building...

Tuesday, we taught one of our investigators and committed her to a baptism date for December 1 which we are so excited about of course!  We still have lots to teach her, but we will be working towards that date:):)

Wednesday, we went to service, worked on some projects at the church, and taught English.

Thursday, we had MISSION TOUR!  Elder Scott D. Whiting came and spoke to us.  I only got to talk to him briefly.  He talked a lot about how as missionaries, we all have authority.  We were all set apart and given the same authority.  But, in order to be successful missionaries, we need POWER!  We need power as we teach, testify, serve, and share the light of Christ.  What this power is is the Holy Ghost!!!  When we teach, testify, serve, and share Christ's light, we HAVE to do it with the spirit!  The way that we are able to have the spirit more fully to develop this power is, you guessed it, be more obedient!!!  And when we are being disobedient, we are just being prideful, so we have to get all of that ugly pride out of the way, humble ourselves and be submissive to the will of the Lord!  He also said we need to testify with Boldness.  Sweet Boldness!  I loved thinking about Sweet Boldness.  In order to be bold, we don't need to go up to someone and sing some "Glory Glory Haleluiahs" and command them to repent (even though that may work for some people...not really my style).  What I take this as meaning is being able to share the love of Christ and be bold through our actions and make it so that everybody around us can feel the Savior's love.  It's pretty amazing.

Thursday night, we went to an orchestra concert.  The girl is in her 3rd year of Jr. High.  The Jr. High orchestra concert here was pretty legit.   They did a couple songs from the Sound of Music which I quite enjoyed...:)

Saturday, we worked on more of our projects at the church (making new boards with church info and stuff like that) and then because my comp was getting transfered, I treated us to dinner using Dad's card (thank you:)).  We went and got Vietnamese Pho which was pretty delicious.  Had to try something new!

Sunday, I spoke in Church about the Holy Ghost.  I had a scripture and a quote in there, and think it went pretty well!  It was only like 10 min, but still good:)

Then, this morning, we had transfer meeting!  I have a new companion.  I love her already!!  She speaks pretty good English, but I told her that she has to speak Korean to me so I can keep learning, and to fix my grammar too.   She is so positive and funny too.  It is going to be a fun transfer:)

So this week, I was reading in Mosiah 18:9 about standing as a witness of God at all times and in all things and in all places.  Yes we all know the scripture well, especially thanks to the Young Women's theme.  But I started thinking about this, and how we also need to stand in Holy Places.  Whoa--Connection!  As we stand as a witness of God, we are able to make where we stand that holy place, that has been talked about so much lately.  When we, as Mosiah 18 says, bear one another's burdens, are WILLING to mourn with those who mourn, comfort those who stand in need of comfort, etc, we will have the strength to do what the Savior would do and use that power of the spirit to make wherever we are a holy place.  Right now, I have Christ's name constantly pinned on my shirt, but as Elder Andersen said last conference, we can all paint that missionary name badge with Christ's name on our hearts:)

Oh cool fun fact.  President told us this morning that recently the church gave North Korea 310,000 apple trees that the planted there!!  Whoa!  Maybe we will be in there sooner than we think!

Well I guess that's about all for now!  I love you all so so so so much!!  The gospel is true and I'm so glad to get to share it!


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