Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Conference was AWESOME!!!

Hi there!  Sounds like you've had an adventurous week!  Power out, trip to San Diego, new pharmacy stuff... Makes my life seem super dull!  Haha I see the same 3 or so rooms every day!  Its good though-I am still learning lots, but am getting ready to get to Korea!  Only a couple more weeks--which I know will go by quick! 

Conference was AWESOME!!!  I actually listened to ALL of the talks (ok maybe for the first time ever...) and LOVED applying it to Missionary Work!  I wish we could have seen the KSL missionary special...Sounds Awesome!  I guess I get to live it though, which, lets be honest is even better!!    I hope you all get a chance to watch the talks from Saturday that I'm assuming everyone didn't see... haha--  I think my favorite talks were on Saturday!  I loved Pres. Packer's talk about how faith is a real power, and not just an expression of belief.  He also said the most powerful prayers are that of a mother- I know I constantly benefit from those prayers from Mom, as well as my grandmas!  I need to remember this when I have down days!  I also loved Pres Eyring's talk about how we are still witnesses of Christ today- my role in this is just a little more prevalent at this time!  He said that we need to find joy in this- it is the desire of our hearts because of our love for the Savior and his love for us!  My perspective on lots of things in life have changed so much over the last couple weeks- I love being able to serve the Lord, and can't wait to get to Korea and begin teaching His gospel to people (even with my limited Korean...)  Third, I loved Richard G. Scott's talk saying that when we obey and serve, the natural consequence is power from the Lord!  This is just another testament of the power we have as missionaries!  I love it and am so excited to be a part of it! 

Sunday night, we had our weekly devotional, but they had Vocal Point, an acapella singing group from BYU who won the real life ICCA's (think pitch perfect) perform and bear their testimonies about missionary work and such.  It was awesome, and a good break from all the talks! 

So then Monday mornings we have service for just over an hour.  We lucked out and get to help in 18M-one of the big buildings with classrooms- and not one of the residence halls with bathrooms haha.  So I am now pro at moping stairs, dusting railings, disinfecting door handles, etc.  Either they're really really particular about cleaning here, or they just have more missionaries than useful things to do, and sometimes we get assigned weird jobs like dusting random things that aren't even dusty...but its fun, and a good break from class...and skirts!! (We have to wear jeans) 

Other than that, nothing too exciting has happened here over the last week!  Korean is still coming along- I was super frustrated yesterday, not really sure why haha.  Our lessons with our investigators are going well, and we're getting to the point where we can ask questions and kind of understand what they're responding without it all written down and using a "script".  I know we still have a long way to go though and need to work really hard over the next couple weeks before we fly out! 

Sounds like moving into the new school is an adventure--yeah I don't think I would really like moving so close to graduation either.  Haha you'll have to send pictures.  I'm glad Sar is taking full advantage of my closet!  Haha we'll see what's left there when I get back! 

Sorry this isn't as long this week--I don't have too much to say!  GET ON AGAIN AT 3:30 AND WE CAN TALK AGAIN!!!  I figure once I get to Busan, we probs won't be able to do that, so will have to take advantage of it now! 

Please enjoy the picture I attached.  We think we're pretty legit. Good luck figuring out how we did that one! 

Oh and if you do send a package, we're all getting kinda sick of candy, but cookies, etc. are always welcome! 

Love you and miss you all!  Can't wait to talk to you later today!!!!  Maybe print out some pictures of your trip too if you send a package:)

Em (SB)

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