Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Good Morning! 

I've had another great week here!  To answer your questions,  I don't know what my favorite part of the MTC is.  It has all become pretty repetitive and all runs together.  Its good though!  I still feel like I have lots to learn before leaving here.  We have class for 6 hours each day (broken up in to 3 hour classes with 2 different teachers) along with personal study, gym, language study, meals, and thats basically it.  And repeat 5 days a week.  They are changing our P-Day to Friday for our last week here because the whole MTC schedule is changing so I may only get 1 P-Day over 10 days.  Who knows.  I think I will run all out of clothes.  I sang in the choir a few times but, practice is weird with my schedule so we haven't gone in a few weeks.  We have devotionals every Sunday and Tuesday nights.  Sunday is usually someone from the missionary department, and Tuesday is usually some sort of general authority.  We haven't had any of the "big ones" come yet though.  We have "progressing investigators" that we teach each day.  They are really just our teachers though pretending to be someone they taught on their missions.  We teach all in Korean.  We committed one of them to baptism last week, and the other is coming to church on Sunday and missing school for it, so that's exciting! 

There's also this thing called the TRC (don't know what it stands for) but you go each Saturday with a little lesson prepared, and then just try to teach them.  They are all members-whether they are from Korea, or served missions there.  Its more like visiting teaching where we try to find out about them, and then share a 20 or so minute message.  Saturday, some of the Elders meant to share D&C 9:8 about church or something, but flipped open in their Korean scriptures to Moroni 9:8.  Look it up.  Its hilarious. 

So Sunday was a very busy day for me!  We got up and went to Relief Society like usual.  The speaker was HILARIOUS!  Her name was Mary Edmunds and she had us all laughing.  She referred to Google as her "google and thumum".  She also told us not to touch the Elders.  Don't punch them, don't poke them, etc.  But keep a list of the ones we'd like to touch after our mission haha. She also said that our district leaders are probably 18 going on 12, which is very true.  Anyway.  Then we went to lunch and then sacrament meeting.  The branch president gave me a calling for music something or other, which I had no previous knowledge about, so was surprised when I stood up.  Then we started singing the sacrament hymn and he stopped it and said oh wait.  I meant to call Sister Burton not Sister Burgoyne haha so I was a little relieved about that one.  It was funny though.  Then I ended up having to speak.  Everyone prepares a 5 minute talk, and they call on an elder and a sister after sacrament literally 30 seconds before you have to speak.  3 minutes are in Korean, and 2 in English. I was TERRIFIED!  But I hope it ended up ok.  Then I accompanied 3 sisters when they sang Come Thou Fount.  It was just the hymn version, but I arranged the singing parts and piano.  I think it ended up pretty well.  Then, Sister Scott and I taught our district meeting. So that is like Sunday School with just our district.  We taught on Enduring to the End.  We broke it up into obedience, steadfastness, and perserverance.  I thought it ended up really well.  I will send a copy of my lesson home in a letter.  Then the rest of the day was like usual (temple walk, dinner, devotional, planning, bed).  Christine and I took a picture at the temple that I will send. 

Well I think that's basically all for now.  Its weird to think that originally I would be coming in tomorrow...I'm glad I already have 6 weeks down. 

Love you and miss you all so much!  Hope you have a fabulous week!



P.S. the other picture was when we wore black last Wednesday in mourning of P-Day (what we like to refer to as Pants Day) being over hahaha

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