Tuesday, April 2, 2013

"Not English Fast, Korean Feast"

APRIL 2, 2013

Good Morning!  So I know this is SUPER early today, but now we officially can spend 60 minutes on the computer, so we're going to send the "official email" this morning then get back on at 3:30 or so after we go to the temple so get on then and we can go back and forth.  If it isn't right at 3:30, just wait because I promise I won't forget:)

This last week went by really fast actually!  It has been busy, which is good.  Nothing too out of the ordinary though!  Korean is starting to make a little more sense, and I am to the point where I can put sentences together on my own(ish) or with a little help from the book.  There are so many different grammar forms that are hard to keep track of but the only way to learn them is by using them!  We try to speak as much Korean as possible (and could be lots better).  Our teachers tell us, "Not English Fast, Korean Feast."  I'm working on learning lots of different verbs so I can say more than "I know the Book of Mormon is true" or "Joseph Smith was a prophet.  (If you wondered, those require "testimony form" and past tense.  #soexciting).  I still have a LOOOONNNGGG way to go before I'll feel comfortable speaking, but that's all part of the fun!  We were saying the other day that when we get back we'll have to watch Lost again and will be able to understand the Korean that Sun and Jin speak!! Haha

Easter was great.  Bishop Gerald Causse from the presiding bishopric was the speaker.  Yes, on Sundays you still get up at 6:30 and then basically have personal study when church isn't going on.  We end up watching Mormon Messages on the TV in our classroom via LDS.org a lot of the day.  We started watching the YW broadcast, but didn't have time to finish, and are hoping to soon.  I love it every year.  Wasn't the little girl who said the prayer the cutest?!  We were dying.  Anyway.  Easter.  He spoke on the Atonement and related it to Missionary work.  He said that with the Lord's help we can do this, and love it!  It was a combined sacrament meeting with the whole MTC so the sacrament was passed to over 3,000 people!  Amazing!  We sang I Stand All Amazed for the sacrament hymn which I loved of course.  We got there nice and early and were front and center in the meeting with the whole Korean branch.  Then we had a branch testimony meeting and district meeting, walked to the temple and finally ate dinner. Fast Sundays at the MTC are long.  Especially when its Easter and you just want to eat more candy...nom nom nom nom

So the other day our teacher Sister Wadsworth told us a story her brother sent her from Parley P. Pratt's journal from his mission to Canada.  It was about him going to a meeting of people who were discussing religion and how they needed to find the true church that was the same as when Christ was on the earth.  Parley P. Pratt happened to be at that meeting and guess who was speaking.  John Taylor!  Parley P. Pratt eventually converted John Taylor and we know what happened from there!  One of the Elders in my district said that he was a direct descendant of Parley P. Pratt, and then I mentioned that I was a direct descendant of John Taylor.  Then I said how cool it was that more than 100 years later, we were sitting next to each other at the MTC preparing to share the very same gospel to people who are also searching for it in a place they may have never even heard of!  Isn't that the coolest, most amazing thing!  This is when you know the church is true! 

I can't believe I'm already half way through being here at the MTC!  Once I get there, I'll only have 16 months left!  I'm starting (slowly) to understand why people say this goes by so fast!   Even though I still have tough moments, I am so happy to be here and am loving learning more and more about the gospel to get ready to share with the Korean people!

Don't forget to get on later or I'll be really sad:)  Love you SOOOOOOOOOOO much!  Hope you have a fun Spring Break! 



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